The first term of my college life has been a fun-filled experience. Whether it would be in terms of making new friends, enjoying the food in Agno, or having fun in our classes. One of these classes to be specific is the ENGLCOM class, which is very fun yet very substantial in terms of lessons. In the first week of our ENGLCOM class, the teacher, Dr. Alen Munoz, asked us what we thought about the skill of writing and our interest factor towards the skill. I can vividly recall asking Dr. Alen if there are any wrong answers with the question he posted; I asked this because all my other blockmates gave very substantial answers towards the question. Moreover, I answered the question saying that writing is a skill that is universal. I also told Dr. Alen that I was not interested in writing and I would just write when required to. After answering, Dr. Alen told me that he would change my perspective towards writing. On the other hand, we had Ms. Suzeth for teaching us the reading part of ENGLCOM such as outlining, making inferences, and many more. The two professors complimented each other by teaching us both sides of the process of writing an essay. With this in mind, the ENGLCOM subject serves as a starter pack for college life. The reason for this is that writing is essential in the life of a college student. Along the way, many research papers and essays will be assigned for us to do by the different professors we will encounter in college. Furthermore, the ENGLCOM subject is needed for us to create excellent papers in the near future.

The ENGLCOM helped me by clarifying things and refreshing my memory related to English topics that I have encountered in my high school life. Some of these things such as quoting, punctuation, and the use of the 3rd-person perspective in writing formal essays such as the extended definition essay and argumentative essay have been clarified by Dr. Alen and Ms. Suzeth.

As I wrote the entry-essay in ENGLCOM, I often used the 1st person POV which is a common mistake among beginner writer’s like me at that time. What I did to refrain from making this common error, with the help of Dr.Alen, was to change the I’s, me’s, you’s, and many more into 3rd person perspective. During my high school years, I rarely used quotation in my research papers and essays because I did not know how to do so. In improving my quotation skill, Ms.Suzeth gave us notes and reviewers that will guide us in quoting the different sources used in the essays done for the subject. This can be seen in the essays that I have done for the subject. Lastly, punctuation was a very hard skill for me to learn. I had minimal knowledge in the use of the different punctuation marks that were available. This was developed through the corrections that my two professors have given me for the essays that I did in the subject.

In writing the two major essays for ENGLCOM, I encountered difficulties in making my thoughts into words due to the lack of practice that I have in the skill of writing. Moreover, my lack of knowledge for grammar and punctuation was another stumbling block that I encountered in the process of writing these two essays. What helped me overcome these problems was through the help of the notes that I took down during class and the help from my peers who had more knowledge on the errors that I made. Immediately, I was able to overcome these difficulties.

For the whole duration of the ENGLCOM subject, I was able to improve my writing skill by a large margin, this is due to the fact that my professors were very helpful in the process of writing all of our essays. The entry essay that I did during the first week of class was a beginners style of writing because of the many errors that I committed while writing. In contrast to my exit essay, I believe that it is of professional quality because I have corrected the mistakes that I have made such as word usage, grammatical errors, and punctuation. Henceforth, the ENGLCOM subject has helped me overall as a writer.

To conclude, I achieved majority of the goals that I set for the subject. The improvement of my writing skills are by far the greatest of all. I can now express my thoughts into words easily. This can be seen throughout the course of my essays. As stated earlier, the goal of Dr. Munoz to get me interested in writing has been accomplished. I am indeed interested in the skill of writing ; and I want to improve on the skill more by reading more and writing more.