Physical Fitness is an essential activity that needs to be included in one’s lifestyle. There are a various of benefits that will happen if a person becomes physically active such as loss of excess fat, increase in energy levels, improvement of physique and many more. In fact, many forms of media show the benefits of being physically fit such as movies and Facebook posts.An example of a movie portraying the benefits of physical fitness is the movie Creed, starring Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone. In this movie, the struggling Adonis Creed is out competing trying to make a name for himself in the world of boxing like how his late father, Apollo Creed did. In the process of doing so, Adonis faces many struggles such as finding a coach who will train him for the professional league and being inexperienced in the ring compared to others. Adonis then finds Rocky Balboa, a former boxing champion and friend of Adonis’ late father, who will train him for the professional league. Adonis, through the help of Balboa, worked his way up to the top, despite all the challenges he faced and finally he had a chance to face the best fighter in the world, Ricky Conlan. Although he lost in the fight, he won the respect of the crowd due to his performance in the match. Adonis Creed’s hard work in training in the gym resulted in him becoming stronger, having a better physique, and being more experienced in the sport of boxing.

Another form of media is a video posted in Facebook by Esquire titled “How to Lose in 3 Easy (+ 1 Insanely Complex) Steps. The video shows steps on how one can lose weight easily including eating healthy, avoiding unhealthy habits such as drinking, and a long and complex step of being heartbroken. In the third step, the video tells the story of a guy who has experienced being heart broken. The persona becomes depressed in the process and moreover, enrolls in a gym to improve his lifestyle and move on from his previous relationship. Furthermore, the persona’s life still experiences the daily challenges of imbibing physical activity such as dieting and going to the gym regularly as well as seeing his ex-girlfriend at work. After which, the persona still continues his daily routine. In the process, he meets new friends in the gym including his new found girlfriend. In the end, one normal Sunday, the persona looks back at the year that has changed his life for the better; physically and emotionally. The video explicitly conveys the message that including physical fitness in one’s lifestyle will improve one’s life in various of ways such as eating right, having a better body and trusting the process. Although the two forms of media vividly explain how physical fitness will benefit one’s life in many ways, they differ in a way that one focuses more on the physical aspect rather than the emotional while the other media focuses on both the physical and emotional benefits of physical fitness.

In contrasting the two medias presented, one should understand both the physical and emotional benefits of being physically active. Creed the Movie’s central idea is more on the physical benefits of physical fitness. In the movie, Adonis Creed shows how continuous and consistent physical activity will result in a person’s overall development of strength, endurance, and physique. At the earlier stages of the film, Adonis’ experienced losses in his fights especially his cocky sparring match with Danny Wheeler, a professional boxer ranked number 2 in the world. Adonis, struggling to find a trainer, finds Rocky Balboa who will help him develop his boxing skills. In the process of doing so, Adonis’ punches are faster, his reaction time is faster and his punches are stronger. These are just some of the improvements that happened with Adonis’ because of his training with Rocky. Whether it be boxing or any other form of physical activity, A person who consistently trains hard and becomes physically active will develop his or her body in terms of strength, endurance, speed, and many more. The video created by Esquire, although short, tackles more on the emotional aspect of physical fitness. In the video, before the persona enrolls in a gym, one could see that he is emotionally troubled because of the fact that he is heart-broken. In the process, he becomes motivated to improve his life by working out and disciplining himself to eat right, resulting in him to have a sense of achievement in the end. Moreover, the video explains that working out is more than just reaching a goal but it is a form of patience wherein a person should believe that one’s life will improve, despite the struggles. Henceforth, the two medias presented differ in perspectives of how physical fitness can help one’s life.

Although the two forms of media differ in focus, these forms of media are similar because of the fact that physical fitness will improve the entirety of one’s life whether it be physical or emotional. With that in mind, being physically active keeps a person’s head up in spite all the struggles in life. In the movie Creed, Adonis’ boxing career improved because of the effort he placed on training hard in the gym and disciplining himself. On the other hand, the persona in the Esquire video achieved more than just his goal because he worked out everyday because he was motivated to do so due to the fact that so many problems have been occurring in his life. In the end, both videos show that physical fitness is indeed essential in one’s life.

With this in mind, everyone should start their journey in being physically active. Being physically active is not merely a way of one to lose weight or to increase their muscular proportion, but it is a form of patience that a person needs to know in life. People nowadays rush things and even try to slip through the cracks by taking the easy way out such as cheating, stealing or even using banned supplements in the physical sense. Other forms of media such as health magazines, workout videos, and many more will show a person that there are no bad effects of being physically active unless one over exercises or makes use of harmful supplements. In the end, one’s life will turn for the better because of physical fitness.

























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