The war on drugs in the Philippines has been evident in the past months with newspapers being flooded by drug-pushers and users alike caught and killed in the act. Filipino citizens question the practice of our current president, Rodrigo Duterte in ordering the police officers to kill these sinful people. It is not right and just for this practice of “extrajudicial killings” to be ordered by the man we elected as president. The Filipino citizens are divided because of this practice wherein one side wants to extinguish drugs in our country no matter what way the government does it while the other wants to extinguish the war on drugs in a clean way.

Illegal drugs truly is a cancer of any country. Majority of the cases in any countries are related to these illegal drugs like overdosing and homicide under the influence of harmful substances. This is one of the points that President Duterte emphasizes in his vision for our country but does killing the root of all this evil mean that evil is extinguished? President Duterte has been linked to over 3,000 killings of drug-pushers and users and if noone speaks out on this issue then the killings will not stop. Killing or taking someone’s life is also a form of evil. These are two different forms of evil but they are classified in the same category which is evil. As the saying goes “two wrongs don’t make a right” the same as killing drug-pushers and drug-users does not make a right. A cleaner approach would be to arrest these people and give them due process in the court and only use firearms when the suspect is armed and does not surrender.

The extra-judicial killings have to stop in order for us to obtain peace. It is the only flaw in President Duterte’s regime. He has done good things for this country and I believe that he has made a great impact in the war on drugs by exposing the government officials who are linked to the illegal drug enterprise and by the killings of drug-pushers and users that are linked to him.