In the present, the Filipino people are divided into two sides. Moreover, these two sides are based on the current administration led by President Rodrigo Duterte. The current Duterte administration has caused a stir in the country’s point of view. Many oppose his reign, while many as well, are for it. So far, President Rodrigo Duterte has acted on issues such as the current war on drugs and the controversial formation of relationships with other countries. One of the main goals of President Rodrigo Duterte is the abolishment of illegal drugs in the country. Furthermore, this is a known fact that illegal drugs should be relinquished in the country to avoid the potential harm that this may cause to a person as well as the presence of evil in the country. The war on drugs that President Rodrigo Duterte has acted on, has produced numerous drug users and pushers alike to surrender to the authorities. Moreover, did these people surrender to keep the peace in the country? ¾or was their surrender forced upon them?  Another issue that the current President has acted on is the issue regarding relationships with rivaling countries, this including China and Russia. The formation of this alliance has sparked controversy in the country due to the disputes that these countries have had in the past and the barbaric form of bullying administered by these countries. In the past, China has been a known bully to the Philippine nation by pilfering the land that the Philippines owns. An example of which is the conflict of naming the West Philippine Sea into the South China Sea. On the other hand, the Russian government administered by Vladimir Putin is known to be a government that results in warfare such as the firing of artillery against enemy nations. In recent news, President Duterte has announced his alliance with China and Russia as well as the cutting of ties with the United States government. With this in mind, one should note that although President Rodrigo Duterte has abolished the illegal drug and industry and the forming of relationships with China and Russia, there are downsides in the reign of the current president this including the presence of extra-judicial killings, the dubbing of a president-dictator as a hero of the country and the stunting of the Philippine economy.

            First of all, President Duterte has reduced the number of drug users and pushers alike since the beginning of his term last July. Although the President’s project has produced outstanding results, many Filipino citizens question the method that has been used in placing these people to justice. According to Esmaquel (2016), around 3800 people have been slain in the current war on drugs in the Philippines since President Duterte has taken office last July. Moreover, President Duterte’s infamous statement (as cited in Esmaquel,2016), “I will be happy to slaughter 3 million drug addicts just as Nazi leader Adolf Hitler massacred 3 million Jews” has angered many Filipinos with the Philippine government. These killings are often linked to the current administration of the Philippine government, this including the police force and the President himself. Moreover, this goes to show that the current Philippine government is going beyond the law to put these addicts in their rightful place. Thus, the murdering of these drug pushers and users who disobey the law does not justify the act of killing a person. A just approach that the Philippine government should undertake giving the citizen due process to defend himself or herself in court.

            Second, the Philippine government’s decision to brand former-president, Ferdinand Edralin Marcos as a hero has frustrated the majority due to his dictatorial reign in the 1980’s. Last November 18 ,2016, the dictator-president was buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani which sparked rallies all over Metro Manila. The burial of the former president in the Libingan ng mga Bayani was due to the projects that have sparked the development of the country such as the building of major complexes, the creation of major roads and highways, and many more. On the other hand, Ferdinand Marcos was also known to have abused his presidential power by implementing Martial Law and suspending the Writ of Habeas Corpus resulting in a massive amount of people rebelling and being victims of the Martial Law period. The point being, President Rodrigo gave the go-signal to dub the late president as a hero has caused many to doubt the current government (Guinto,2016).

            Finally, the five months that President Rodrigo Duterte has been in power has caused a decline in the Philippine’s economic growth. Resulting from the extra-judicial killings and many more controversial actions of the Philippine president, many foreign countries have decided to pull out of investing in the country. According to Sayson (2016), the Philippine Stock Exchange Index decreases due to the Philippine President’s unruly actions and comments. Jonathan Ravelas, chief market strategist at BDO Unibank Inc. (as cited in Sayson,2016), stated that President Duterte’s unruly behavior spells catastrophe in the Philippines’ economy. Overall, President Duterte’s actions have devastated the country’s economic growth.

            Generally speaking, the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte’s has changed the country for the worse. He has done more bad than good to the entirety of the country by increasing the deaths in the country, by gravely affecting the economy and by calling a dictator a hero, when truly he has caused more harm than good during his reign leaving the victims of that time hopeless. Furthermore, the real projects that the people need are not being taken into consideration by the Duterte administration such as developing mass transportation, producing more jobs for the Filipino citizens, giving healthcare benefits, and many more. The current situation of the Philippines is watching a pot but it never boils. The people are waiting for the change that was promised to them but this promise has not been acted on.

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