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The Dawn of Chaos: Entry Essay

The war on drugs in the Philippines has been evident in the past months with newspapers being flooded by drug-pushers and users alike caught and killed in the act. Filipino citizens question the practice of our current president, Rodrigo Duterte in ordering the police officers to kill these sinful people. It is not right and just for this practice of "extrajudicial killings"

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Objectives of the Portfolio

        The purpose of this portfolio is to inform people of the current situation of the Filipinos economically, physically and socially. This portfolio covers topics that include physical fitness, the economic status of the Philippines, the current drug... Continue Reading →

The ENGLCOM Journey (Reflective Essay)

The first term of my college life has been a fun-filled experience. Whether it would be in terms of making new friends, enjoying the food in Agno, or having fun in our classes. One of these classes to be specific... Continue Reading →

Fitness is Greatness (Media Log 2)

Physical Fitness is an essential activity that needs to be included in one’s lifestyle. There are a various of benefits that will happen if a person becomes physically active such as loss of excess fat, increase in energy levels, improvement... Continue Reading →

Physical Fitness: An Essential In One’s Life (Extended Definition Essay)

                 Can you consider yourself to be physically active? If not, have you considered a change in your lifestyle? Believe it or not I myself despised the idea of exercising. Physical Fitness has... Continue Reading →

Traffic Destruction

Traffic has been a major problem not only in the Philippines but as well as other countries around the world. In the Philippines, the congestion of roads is vividly seen in the major roads that are being used daily by... Continue Reading →

Solving Chaos (Exit Essay)

In the present, the Filipino people are divided into two sides. Moreover, these two sides are based on the current administration led by President Rodrigo Duterte. The current Duterte administration has caused a stir in the country’s point of view. Many oppose his reign, while many as well, are for it. So far, President Rodrigo Duterte has acted on issues such as the current war on drugs and the controversial formation of relationships with other countries.

A Nationalistic Scheme (Argumentative Essay)

In the present day, the support for local Filipino products has rapidly decreased over the years due to the rise of imported goods coming in the Philippines. People would normally ask what the point is of buying local products when there are foreign brands which produce better quality goods compared to the local brands.

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